“Mijn persbericht was een succes. Het staat op verschillende sites, en ik kreeg een interview in het AD! Ik werd ook gebeld voor een interview op de radio. Allemaal dankzij de O-PEN workshop [over publiciteit]!”

– Sofie Groot Dengerink, conceptueel ontwerper

“I was really inspired!”

– Nancy Xie, Media Relations and Public Affairs Officer

“Thank you for all your info. And you will be happy to know that I have submitted my article to a few magazines and also written a shorter French version of it and submitted it. Thank you so much for being inspiring and pushing me.”

– Ivy Lee Fook Choy, Occupational Therapist

“I’ve produced quite a few texts as a professional journalist and translator, but I had never dared think of myself as a fiction writer – or even a “real” writer at all. I took Marieke’s writing course for fun. I just wanted to give it a try. Meeting the other writers and doing the exercises together inspired me to simply get going and keep going. The fun part worked out fine, too.”

– Sonja Bonin, Freelance Journalist and Translator

“Writing can feel like such a vulnerable journey, but Marieke makes it safe, fun and focused. I had the privilege of taking two of her creative writing workshops during her time in Shanghai and also hired her for private sessions as a writing coach. Marieke’s the real deal—she knows how to encourage both beginner and veteran because she’s been both. She has an impressive repertoire of tools and exercises for exploring plot, characters and voices in a totally fresh way. Her feedback and opinions are clear and on the mark. And her passion for writing is contagious. Most important of all, she’ll get you writing. With her support, I was able to find the confidence and structure to write things I’d wanted to express for a long time. If you’re a current or aspiring writer who needs a loving kick in the butt to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page, don’t miss the chance to work with her.”

– Beth Ronsick, Transition Coach