Writing Sabbatical

Nov. 2015-Spring 2016 – Currently not taking on new coaching clients, as I am writing two books (in Dutch): Creativity in Teams (for Bookboon) and Creativity Uncovered (working title, no publisher yet)

Digging for Skills

digging for skillsAnouk is in the pits. She is a student of Archaeology, which is her great passion but unfortunately a field in which it is hard to find a job right now. She also wants to do volunteer work, but she can’t think of any charity organization in her area that could use an archaeologist.

She may be right. Every year, hordes of graduates flood the job market at just about the same time. To find a job, they compete with thousands of people with the same qualifications. Those with high grades, extra subjects and special internships have a slight advantage. Summer jobs, volunteer work, sports and even hobbies can help, if you know how.

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Both Beautiful and Ugly


Some troll had written ‘Ugly’ under my picture on Instagram. ‘Coward’ was the mildest response that sprang to mind, but, icily calm with rage, I wrote: ‘I am not posting these photo’s for beauty. They are part of my year-long campaign against modern slavery.’

I didn’t hear back from the troll, but received a lot of encouragement from friends, saying I’m not ugly but a beautiful person.

So sweet of them, but not true.

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Smart People Never Pad Their Pockets

My Midori Traveler's Notebook

My Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Moniek thumps a big fat notebook on the table. We are going to make plans for her creative enterprise and she is going to take all the space she needs. That’s how I like to see it! No tiny scribbles in the margins of planners or on the back of print-outs, but reams of possibilities.

As an artist, Moniek also uses lots of color. The result is an attractive, comprehensive plan, with room for details to be filled out in the coming weeks. Moniek can make a good start, building her company.

But bigger isn’t always better.

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Sir Terry Pratchett, Today’s Shakespeare


In the source code of my website, I have hidden a message:

GNU Terry Pratchett

So his name will live on.

Sir Terry Pratchett, British author of over 70 books selling 85 million copies worldwide, passed away on March 12. His novels are a wonderful mixture of fantasy and social criticism, of action and psychology, with humor and dark undertones. I have all of his work on my shelves.

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